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Brainiak India follows every rule set by govt of india  for online stuffs .

we are a open learning platform , it can be accessed by any where hence, it become mandatory to protect every ones identity here at Brainiak india

To access our website in full manner one should create a Brainiak  user account , we need information like username , email address (email address will not be public , it will used for user verification , account recovery , and for newsletter ) 

questions and answers which goes against our community guidelines will not be tolerated. 

community guidelines 

  1. user can ask questions , if the question is  irrelevant , will be removed and account will be banned forever without any prior notice .
  2. username should be your real name 
  3. should not use copyrighted material 


All your questions can be used by our platform users  

Sexually Explicit Material. 
Accounts that use Brainiak india to post sexually explicit or pornographic material, or links to it, will be suspended.

NO refund

Brainiak India has not any type of refund policy , the answers are written by community sometimes they may be wrong , we are not responsible for that on complaint , we remove or update that answer

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