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The road in the question 14 above is constructed as per the requirements. The coefficient of static friction between the tyres of a vehicle on this road is 0.8, will there be any lower speed limit? By how much can the upper speed limit exceed in this case?
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Given : r=72m,  θ= 78°4’ , μs=0.8,  g= 10m/s2   , tanθ= tan78°4’ =5

\(V_{min} =\sqrt{rg(\frac{tanθ-μ_s}{1+μ_stanθ})}\) 

\(V_{min}= \sqrt{72×10(\frac{5-0.8}{1+(0.8((5)})}\) 

vmin = 24.588 m/s = 88.52 km/h

88.52 km/h will be the lower limit or minimum speed on this track.

Since the track is heavily banked θ > 45° there is no upper limit or maximum speed on this track.

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