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Brainiak partner program  


Basically Brainiak partner program is a by - invitation program .

 In simple language , its a program where you will get money of answering good quality Answers . we  will pay  you most upvoted and best answer { it is selected by experts}  which you answer  .

 how to get started ? 

 Simply just answer on Brainiak,   Not so easy it is……like it is looking ……. you have to answer more n more to earn ,  which are reliable , genuine and best for  answer regularly .. just try to engage audience to attract to your questions and they answer if they know . 

  will you get notified for it ? 

 you will get a notification through email when you are invited for this program . 


what if you missed our email ?

Don't worry about it , we will send a private message to you on brainiak .


complete below task to get invitation .

✅ ask 50 question

✅ answer 50  questions

✅ recieve 100 upvotes

✅ 10 answer to be selected as best answer

✅ now you are eligible for partner program .


Time limit for above task is 2 months  

BRAINIAK  Youtuber partner program ? 


✅ answer 20 questions with video 

✅ minimum subscriber{ 100 }


✅ answer 20 question with video

✅  add a 10 seconds brainiak ad video at last {10 second video link

✅ now you had recieved email .

✅  no need to share  your youtube earnings .



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