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Create a simple HTML page on any of the following topics: College Profile, Computer Manufacturer or Software Development Company.The page must consist of at least 3 paragraphs of text. The page must have an appropriate title, background color or background image, and hyper-links to other pages. The paragraphs must have text consisting of different colors and styles in terms of alignment and Font Size .
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College Profile

Computer Manufacturer  

Take this code as root and write paragraphs

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <h1>Brainiak Computer Manufacturer </h1>
<div class="content"><img src="" width="100%"><br>
<p> We are brainiak Computers , Creating Best computers in this era , watch the new designs live</p>
<img src="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-c3AirQQ_tqc/YI1Sk7uPyAI/AAAAAAAABck/pmx0yO2w5O4d7nP25ZfRyYPlOaP3rQdmQCLcBGAsYHQ/s2560/acerhomebanner-conceptd-creativitydecoded-large.webp" width="100%"><br>
<p>About Us<br></p></div>

<footer> &copy;2021 Brainiak Computers Pvt. Ltd.</footer>

Software development company is given on page no 177 

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