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What is operating system ? Explain major services of OS {march 2009 paper computer science MH-board}
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1 Answer


An operating system is a program , which  acts as an interface between user of a computer and computer hardware . It provides an environment to run other programs also , this make complete system convenient to use. 

Operating system provides certain services to the programs and to the users  , 

The three major types of services are as follows:

1) Information management :-  

It manages the organisation of information in terms , of directories and files , allocating, deallocating the sectors to various files ensuring the right people have access to infomation .

2) Process management:- 

Process management helps OS to create and delete processes. It also provides mechanisms for synchronization and communication among processes.

3) Memory management:- 

Memory management module performs the task of allocation and de-allocation of memory space to programs in need of this resources.

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