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std 11th maharashtra board book 

1. Choose the most correct option

A.   A sample of pure water, whatever the source always contains ............ by mass of oxygen and 11.1 % by mass of hydrogen.

a. 88.9
b. 18
c. 80
d. 16

 B.  Which of the following compounds can NOT demonstrate the law of multiple proportions ?

a. NO, NO2
b. CO, CO2
c. H2O, H2O2
d. Na2S, NaF

C.  Which of the following temperature will read the same value on celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

a. - 40° 
b. + 40° 
c. -80° 
d. -20°

 D. SI unit of the quantity electric current is ........

a. Volt
b. Ampere
c. Candela
d. Newton

E. In the reaction N2+ 3H\(\rightarrow\)2NH3 , the ratio by volume of N2 , H2 and NH3 is 1 : 3 : 2 This illustrates the law of

a. definite proportion
b. reciprocal proportion
c. multiple proportion
d. gaseous volumes 

F. Which of the following has maximum number of molecules ?

a. 7 g N2
b. 2 g H2
c. 8 g O2
d. 20 g NO2

G. How many g of H2O are present in 0.25 mol of it ?

a. 4.5
b. 18
c. 0.25
d. 5.4

H. The number of molecules in 22.4 cm3 of nitrogen gas at STP is

a. 6.022 x 1020
b. 6.022 x 1023 
c. 22.4 x 1020
d. 22.4 x 1023

 I. Which of the following has the largest number of atoms ?

a. 1g Au (s)
b. 1g Na (s)
c. 1g Li (s)
d. 1g Cl2 (g)
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 Answers )

Q1. Choose the most correct option

A)  a. 88.9

B) d. Na2S, NaF

C) a. - 40°  

D) b. Ampere

E) d. gaseous volumes 

F) b. 2 g H2

G) a. 4.5 

H) a. 6.022 x 1020 

I)  c. 1g Li (s) 


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