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Shantikunj is a thickly populated locality inhabited mainly by the working-class people. Unfortunately, there is no Mother Dairy milk booth in the locality. Write a letter in 100–200 words to the editor of a local daily drawing the attention of the authorities to the problem faced by the people, requesting them to open a milk booth. You are Ram/Roma, 4, Shantikunj, Delhi.
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1 Answer

4 Shantikunj Delhi

The Editor
The New Indian Express Delhi
Subject: Request for a Mother Dairy Milk BoothSir,
                                  Shantikunj is a very thickly populated locality consisting of people belonging to the working class, i.e. the 4th–grade category of workers. Both men and women step out to fend for the upkeep of their families. Milk is considered to be one among the staple food varieties by our community. As the old concept of fresh milk being delivered at the doorstep has become a thing of the past, we face a lot of difficulty in securing milk to’give our children.Mother Dairy, which is considered to be the main milk provider in Delhi, does not have a booth in our area. Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I seek support in drawing the attention of the concerned authorities to set up a milk booth in our locality at the earliest.

Thanking you / Yours faithfully
Ram/Roma-{Any Name metioned in question}
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