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What type of changes occurs in a home having chronically ill old person? How will you help to maintain good atmosphere?
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1 Answer

  • Having chronically ill old patients in a family affects the physical and mental state of others members of the family as well.
  • It is not easy to handle old age people and if they are ill, it becomes all the more difficult.
  • It not only affects the family monetarily but also drains them physically and emotionally as it is not easy to see the suffering of your loved ones.
  • In such time everybody in the family should contribute to the work of the taking care of patient.
  • They need to remain positive and ward off negative feelings and thoughts.
  • We should help the person who is burdened by duties towards the sick patient.
  • We can sit beside the patient during night time.

Just being present around them, protects them from the feeling of loneliness.

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