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Explain the importance of good communication with others.
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1 Answer

  • Nowadays there is a fierce competition, insecurity and criminal tendencies in the society creates mental and emotional stress.
  • Communication is a vital skill which plays an important role from personal to professional life.
  • Good communication skills does not only mean good verbal skills but it also implies to one's listening skills.
  • Problems like mental disorders, depression can be solved by proper communication.
  • Communication with others helps to overcome your problems, provide you with moral support and also you get to understand the perspective of people on different issues.
  • Harmonious relations with parents and family members can be re-established by good communication.
  • Good communication skills help people to gain confidence and overcome stress situations.
  • Good communication skills help you to make friends with long lasting relationship.
  • It also teaches you how to put forward your points without hurting the sentiments of others.
  • In other words we can say that, good communication skill result in the personality development of an individual.
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