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Which factors affect the social health?
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The ability of a person to establish relationship with other persons is called social health
Factors affecting the social health :

(1) Satisfying basic needs of people - food, clothing, shelter, medicines, Transport facilities

In order to maintain the social health of any community there should be good amenities for the people. E.g. food, water, shelter, clothing, medicines and medical help, equal opportunities for education, cleanliness of the surroundings, transport facilities etc. should be properly provided.

(2) Social security , Social treatment, Political conditions
Social support was also considered effective by young adults in providing social health. The level of social support has a significant role in social health. The social and political conditions of the surrounding should be crime free & secure. The presence of criminal ties with politicians and law maker can affect the social health to a great extent.

(3) Social and Physical conditions of the surrounding , Playgrounds, Gardens, Water, Toilets, job opportunities, Financial status

The gardens, playgrounds, the empty plots for outdoor games, sports clubs, educational facility etc are important criteria for overall development of the society. This results into personality development and make people happy and strong.

(4) Addictions, criminal tendencies, pervert behaviour and perverse thinking affects other people in the society and this reflects negatively on the social health.

(5) Having large number of friends and relatives, proper use of time when alone and when along the peer group, trust in others, respect and acceptance for others build stronger social health.

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