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Explain the importance of fruit processing in human life?
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1 Answer

  1. Fruits are called perishable products which means that they cannot be stored for long durations. Hence for storage and usage for a long term, their preservation is absolutely essential.
  2. The solution to this problem is fruit processing.
  3. Fruit processing is a process which converts fruits into jams, juices, jellies etc. These processing methods include storage in cold areas, drying salting etc.
  4. This process makes the fruits available all around the year and makes their storage possible.
  5. The preserved products give financial
  6. In national and international markets, Indian fruits like mangoes are in great demand. Due to fruit processing we can exports fruits and fruit products and get foreign currency through it. The local horticulturists get good benefit from their orchards.
  7. Processed fruit products also gives vitamins and minerals that help in maintaining good health.
  8. Thus the fruit processing is important for the human
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