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Studying Political Science...
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Every citizen in India, whether he lives in village, district or in city has to face numerous social and political problems every day. Whom to approach to get domicile certificate, caste certificate, Aadhar Card? Whom should we meet ? Regarding water problems, public cleanliness ? From where can we get documents about our house, etc. ? We can get to know about all such things from the study of Civics and Political Science. This study helps us to become a good citizen and to be aware of our rights and duties as a citizen of this country. This subject also helps us to get information of India and also the outside world. The subject of Political Science will also help you when you plan for your future after finishing your school education. The subject of Indian government and politics is included in the syllabus of the examination for Union Public Service Commission, Maharashtra Public Service Commission and recruitment in banking services. Political science is the basis of any field you choose as a profession. Similarly we cannot study international politics, public administration, peace and conflict without studying political science. Many employment opportunities are available in the above fields. Opportunities are available not only in the field of teaching and research but opportunities are also available in the fields of information technology, policy analysis and advisory bodies of political leaders. Globalisation has created many opportunities for the practical use of political science. Political parties, pressure groups, non-governmental organisations, voluntary organisations need researchers and mediators who have the knowledge of government and politics. In today’s world people having knowledge of the political process and complexities of bureaucracy and special knowledge skills are essential.
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