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Write a review of a historical serial that you have watched.
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Review of TV serial Porus  

Porus is the first global TV series of India and it has already been dubbed and subbed in many other languages and it will soon air in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos.

Firstly, about the sets, actors, acting and direction. Most of the natural sceneries, which have been shot in Thailand and the Paurav Kingdom as well as Dasyu Kingdom sets are perfect. We can find some loop-holes in Macedonia and some other sets but that’s okay in my view. The actors have been perfectly cast and each one suits his role. Puru, Alexander, Bamni, Anusuya, Shivdutt, Darius III, Lachi, Ripudaman, etc. all look very realistic and attracting. Queen Olympias and King Philip II are also very good. They have tried to have different accents for Persians and Macedonians which seems quite good. Siddharth Kumar Tewary is an expert director and he has done his work nicely here.

Now, the story and historical authenticity. The story itself seems fiction and doesn’t have any historical evidences to it. Porus’ story is unknown so they have taken liberty to recreate their own one, but Alexander’s story is quite known. 

Now, the costumes and special effects. The costumes in this show have been the best ones from quite a long time. The blue theme of Paurav Kingdom and red theme of Takshila look good. The Dasyus have a very badass look and the Persians have perfect looks and costumes. The most appreciable are the Macedonian costumes. They have made the Greek costumes perfectly and that gives a very strong Greek effect eventhough the actors speak in Hindi. We may find some strange brown people with very duplicate orange wigs and this is where they should have improved. The perfection part seems missing. Over and all, its a great show with great story including great characters

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