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What is the contribution of Itihasacharya V.K. Rajwade to historiography
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V.K. Rajwade is well-known for his writings in Marathi on subjects like history, linguistics, etymology and grammar. His contributions are as follows:

  • He compiled and edited 22 volumes of Marathyanchya Itihasachi Sadhane.
  • He stated that history is the all-inclusive image of the past societies.
  • V. K. Rajwade was of the view that history does not include only the stories of political images, conspiracies and Wars for seizing power.
  • He was of the firm opinion that we should write our own history and insisted that history . should be written only using the authentic sources.
  • He was of the opinion that description of any human event in historiography should have balanced combination of three factors namely – Time, Space and Personalities.
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