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Bakhar is an important type of historical documents.
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1 Answer

Bakhars are important source of history like coins, inscriptions, texts, copper plates and travelogues. Bakhars contain eulogies of the heroes, historic events, stories of lives of great men and description of battles. It portrays a picture of prevalent society, religions and economic life. Bakhars are of various types which contain biographies of kings, dynastic history, description of events, sects, autobiographies, mythologies, administration of kings, etc.
These descriptions are helpful for writing historiography. Among well-known Marathi. Bakhars ‘Sabhasad Bakhar’ written by Krishnaji Anant Sabhasad requires a special mention Bhausahebanchi Bakhar and Panipatachi Bakhar describe the ‘Battle of Panipat’.
Hence, Bakhars are important type of historical document.
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