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Prepare a speech to delivered  for state level elocution competition 

the subject is Write speech on fit India happy India

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Respected 'Principal and Teachers' and my 'Dear Friends' First of all I would like to thank all of you for having given this wonderful opportunity to speak about India, that too, on this beautiful occasion where we celebrate India’s 71st year of Independence. Fit India Movement was propelled by the Prime Minister, 'Shri Narendra Modi' on Thursday, '29th August 2019' on the occasion of 'National Sports Day'. It is a public movement conceptualised by the Indian Govt., with the aim of motivating its citizens to be more physically fit and active.   The campaign seeks to encourage people to make a healthier lifestyle. 'Daily workouts', 'recreational activity and yoga' have been requested to stay fit. The day is National Sports Day, and also Major Dhyanchand's birthday; the prime minister honored India's legendary hockey player. It is a fact which is evident from our sedentary lifestyle and the rise in diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. that exercise has always formed part of India's culture but unfortunately it is being overlooked today. Health is a condition of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being not just the absence of a disease. Essentially, wellness helps us to communicate with nature. Without health, we cannot easily share in the love of family and friends, participate fully in our chosen work, make a meaningful contribution to our communities or compete effectively worldwide An individual with good health as well as fitness becomes fully capable of living his / her life. For a person in life, it is very important to be able to live a healthy and happy life. Fit and healthy people are less susceptible to medical conditions. Fitness does not only mean fitness, it also means fitness with the person's healthy mind. If you are fit physically, you may get healthy mental condition. The simple way to stay healthy and fit with regular exercise and a balanced diet is stress-free. We need to become self-motivated and participate in fitness. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. The justification for success is always there. It is always healthy minds who depend on sustainable victory. There can be a positive attitude anywhere only with balanced minds. Healthy children are more willing and able to learn and more likely, as productivity citizens, to become healthy adults. A strong and stable nation can be improved by healthy people! Thank you
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