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Write a letter to your friend Manish/Manisha appealing him or her to donate generously. Tell him/her the importance of Blood Donation.​
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1 Answer

Dipesh shastri ,

J.M.Road ,

Shivani nagar ,



Dear Manish ,

          Hello ! How are you ? I'm fine here. I'm writing this letter to tell you the importance of blood donation.

Now a days we are seeing many accidents and other problems which are leading to blood loss of people .  It has been becoming difficult to get same group of blood . So everyone should donate minimum quantity of blood every year to blood donation camp. It can save someones life. There's no end to the benefits of donating blood for those who need it.

Donating blood has benefits for your emotional and physical health . According to a report by mental health foundation helping others can reduce stress , help get rid of negative feelings , improve your emotional well being . Donating blood regularly may also lower iron stores . This may reduce the risk of heart attack . High body iron stores are believed to increase the risk of heart attack . By reading this I hope you will donate some blood to blood donation camp .

Yours lovingly

Dipesh shastri 
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