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Prepare a news report Sweepers daughter/son scores 96% in class XII

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1 Answer

Pune, 27 June: It was indeed a heart-warming sight to see Meena being felicitated and cheered during a function at her school, by students and staff alike. She had scored 96% in Class XII.

Why was Meena selected for this honour when she was not the topper? The reason is this: Meena is Harihar's daughter. and Harihar is the sweeper-helper at the same school. The staff and students are thrilled because it is through their efforts that she has reached this milestone in her life..

"I have to thank all of you here for this achievement," said Meena, with tears in her eyes, during her thanksgiving speech. "It would not have been possible for me to even appear for the exam, leave alone score so well, if it was not for the financial and moral support given by all of you." Harihar too had tears in his eyes as he watched his daughter being felicitated on the very same stage that he had so diligently cleaned that day. Meena plans to become a computer engineer and help her family.
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