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"Reading Inspiration Day" in your school assembly:

The subject given to you is "Importance of Reading".  Use the following points:

  1. increases knowledge
  2. keeps one updated
  3. ideal way to keep occupied
  4. develops your vocabulary
  5. develops the power of expression
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1 Answer

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, Good morning. Today, October 15, is observed as Reading Inspiration Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam On this important day I, XYZ, would like to say a few words to promote the culture of reading.

Reading, as we all know, increases our knowledge. It keeps us updated about what is happening in the world around us. It gives us information about places which we are never likely to visit. It develops our vocabulary and powers of expression. It is an ideal way to keep ourselves occupied, even on a gloomy rainy day. Yes, there is no doubt about it-the advantages of reading are manifold.

To preserve and encourage this reading culture, I request each one of you to buy and gift a book to your friend or a family member. The book should be one which will interest the receiver, and which he or she is tempted to read.

Before ending my speech, I repeat: develop the habit of reading It is one which will never let you down and will keep you busy and contented.

Thank you!
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