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Imagine you are Rohan/Rima residing at 225, Veerchakra Colony, Kolhapur, 416002 “Hima Das the Indian Sprinter won 5 Golds in one month

Write a letter to your friend minu/mohit making him/ her aware of the importance of sports in ones life

from board exam 2019-2020 march
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1 Answer

225, Veerchakra Colony.

Kolhapur-416 002.

9 March, 2021.

Dear Minu,

Hil How are you? Now that the all-important Std. X exams are over, what are your plans for the vacations?

I have some suggestions for you. You have been a very studious scholar throughout the year, and have neglected your physical health. Now, during the vacations, why don't you join the Kolhapur Sports Club' and participate in some serious sports? I plan to do just that.

I don't need to tell you that sports are very important and teach us many essential values like team work, sportsmanship. humility, etc. Sports also teach us how to accept both victory as well as defeat in the right spirit. They help us to reduce stress and to keep physically fit. We make new friends when we participate in various sports. Today, more than ever before, we need the help of sports to make our lives successful.

I was highly impressed by the performance of Hima Das, who won five golds in one month. I wish we could do similar! We may not, but we can certainly try! So, can I hope to see you at the Sports Club? Do come. It will be good to spend time with you. Bye... something

Your loving friend

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