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Electrolysis of alumina is done.

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  1.  The electrolysis of alumina is carried out in a steel tank lined inside with graphite.
  2. The graphite lining serves as cathode.
  3.  Anode is also made up of graphite rods hanging in the molten mass.
  4.  The electrolyte consists of alumina dissolved in fused Cryolite(Na3AlF6) and Fluorspar(CaF2).
  5. Cryolite lowers the melting point of alumina and fluorspar increases the fluidity of the mass so that the liberated aluminum metal may sink at the bottom of the cell.
  6. When electric current is passed through this mixture, the aluminum is collected at the cathode in molten state and sinks at the bottom.

Chemical equation :
Ionization of Alumina:
2Al2O3 → 6O-2 + 4Al+3

Reaction at  Cathode:
 4Al+3 + 12e- → 4Al

Reaction at Anode:
 6O-2 → 3O2 + 12e-
 C + O2 → CO2
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