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The Pulley appreciation of the poem
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The title of the poem is ‘The Pulley’. The poem is written by Welsh poet George Herbert who was a priest by profession.

Each stanza of the poem has five lines. The rhyme scheme of the poem is a-b-a-b-a. The chief figure of speech used in the poem is Metaphor. The ‘glass of blessings’ signifies the sum of all human qualities bestowed on man. The quality of ‘rest or ‘contentment is implicitly compared to a jewel’. The other figures of speech are Pun, Inversion, Paradox, etc.

The central idea of the poem is the reason for man’s continual restlessness all his life. According to the poet, this is because God withheld the quality of ‘rest’ from man, so that man’s thoughts would ultimately turn towards God, his creator

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