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Write to your friend about the condition of roads and the care to be taken.

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1 Answer

7G, Rainbow colony,
M.G. Road,
Dharavi Cross Road,
Mumbai – 400017.
5th March, 2022

Dear Sonia,

           I hope this letter finds you well. I write this letter to you to discuss a problem that you and I have often suffering about. Remember our bumpy rides to school in the school bus? Well the stretch between SV Road at Milan Junction and the Link Road, passing through Daulat and Rizvi Nagar, is still a nightmare for commuters. I recently read in the papers that this infamous stretch has 179 potholes! To top it up, the rains have turned many of them into small pools of dirty water, the biggest among them measuring 3 X 3 metres with a depth of 10 inches! Naturally, the motorists struggle everyday to commute on this road.

               The authorities may take years to act upon this problem. So it is up to us to take the necessary precautions to avoid any fatalities. We need to instruct our bus driver to steer clear of the big potholes. Driving slowly will minimise the inconvenience caused to the passengers. The water-filled potholes have to be avoided since it is difficult to gauge their depth. We can also opt for an alternate route even if it takes longer to get to school. I have decided to distribute these printed instructions to other motorists who use this road. I truly believe that the frequency of accidents can be brought down considerably if everyone adheres to these instructions. Write back to me with your views on this subject.

Yours truly,
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