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A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed , expand the thought
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Good friends are rare in this world. We have several acquaintances but a few friends. A disintegrated friend is rare. Man is a social animal. He cannot live alone. He needs companions. Friendship is, therefore, the basis on which society has been built up Friendship is a wonderful experience. It is a blessing. A person without a friend is an unfortunate being.

Friendship makes our life joyous and pleasant. Our friends console us when we are not happy. They cheer up when we are depressed, they help us when we are in need and even they are with us when we are happy.

The joys of friendship are so many., When our true friends around us, we feel at home in this world. A friendless person is always alone and sad. He cannot see the true meaning of the life around him.

The selection of a true friend is not easy. True friendship is free from all selfishness. A good friend is always ready to sacrifice his own interest for the sake of his friend. A selfish man can never prove a good friend. Friendship is a spiritual relationship. The harmony we find between two friends is spiritual Harmony. Happiness lies in getting together.
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