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Expansion of idea The Pen is mightier than the sword.

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Physical strength appears to be far more important than literature - although, in fact, the pen is much more powerful than the weapon system - many wars and revolutions are won by books - novels and plays have brought about social reforms

The reality of this spoken language may not be understood at first sight. In the history of the world, wars, revolutions and conclusions of one country are hovering over another. Where a dictator or a military commander is in the limelight, a writer or writer seems to be a neglected person.

Yet, upon closer consideration, it will prove that the word is far more powerful than physical force. The thoughts expressed in words will reach countless hearts and encourage them to act. Shelley has said that poets are the unknowable legislators of the world.

Changes in military power, explosive and spectacular, were short-lived; The changes brought about by literature are slow and inaudible, permanent.

It will be seen that many revolutions and wars have themselves been the result of some books and pamphlets. The writings of many Indian freedom fighters and writers ignited the flame of revolution. An important force behind our struggle for independence was our study of Hindi literature which instilled a love for freedom and democracy in India.

Some books have attacked certain social evils so strongly that governments are compelled to eliminate them. Dickens and H.C. of novels. The plays of Wells and the physiologist Shaw were responsible for many social reforms. For example, Shaw called for the nationalization of the medical community in a European country to highlight the evils of personal oversight in medicine within the doctor's delicious semiconductor diode. Another example of the power of the pen is the influence of newspapers in democratic countries. Before long, Burke portrayed the press as a fourth asset. Governments, although backed by the military and police, are forced to worry about opinion, and opinion is essentially shaped by newspapers.

Emperors backed on the army may need to disappear, while masterpieces of literature such as Kalidas and the poet's plays survive. The historian had earlier said that, if he had to decide between the poet and the Indian Empire, he would take the side of the poet. He was right, for the Indian Empire, the perfection of the weapon system has vanished, while Shakespeare's play, The Goods of the Pain, faces the scrutiny of your times.
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