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write an essay on cut your coat according to your cloth
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If you provide a piece of fabric to a tailor to make a coat, the tailor can first liven the fabric, then decide how much coat is to be made from it. He will not be able to make a coat that requires additional material than the fabric provided. The same is the case with our financial profits and expenses. Our expenses should be within the limits of our financial gains. Otherwise, we keep the area unit absolute to land in debt and difficulties. Such a proverb suggests to the United States that we do not pay what we earn, that is, to measure our insides.

This saying applies not only to people but also to business institutions. Of course, a corporation can raise debt to expand or diversify its business. However it must therefore be done judiciously; Otherwise you will go bankrupt. Even the government. A pastoral has to take into account his total resources while deferment. If he does not do so and borrows carelessly from banks and abroad, it can lead to serious economic issues for the country.

Hence the saying is of great practical value. Applying it in life makes one happy and contented
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