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A rectangular wire frame of size 2 cm 2 cm, is dipped in a soap solution and taken out. A soap film is formed, if the size of the film is changed to 3 cm 3 cm, calculate the work done in the process. The surface tension of soap film is 3 x10-2 N/m

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Answer: 3x10-5 J or 30μJ 


A2=3x3=9 and A1= 2x2=4

Area are in cm2 let convert it to m2 

A2=9x10-4 and A1=4x10-4 , T=3x10-2

The expression for work done is,
=2×3x10-2 x (9-4)×10−4     


=3x10-5 J or 30μJ 
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