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Q4)A) Differentiate between the forest types of Brazil and India.
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1 Answer

Forest type of Brazil Forest type of India
Brazil holds about one-third of the world’s remaining rainforests, including a majority of the Amazon rainforest. Forests in India cover roughly 19 percent of India’s land mass.
Types of forests in brazil include rainforests (the majority), seasonal forests, deciduous forests, flooded forests, and savannas. Major types of forests in India are Wet Evergreen forest, Semi Evergreen forest, Moist Deciduous forest, Dry Deciduous forest, Littoral and Swamp forest / Mangrove forest, Dry Evergreen forest, Thorn forest etc.
In Brazil it has more than 23% of forest covers in the total surface area. Forests in India cover 19% of surface
These forests are very dance and a lots of animals survive in this forest due to availability of good food such as grasses. Grasses are about 2 metres long. india has dense forest near to river banks and evergreen also.
Trees are more than 20 m long.  Trees are about 10 to 20 m long and very broad leaves .
These forests have various numbers of medicinal plants. In the Northern side of India it coveres the Himalayan forest which are triangle like structure and also easily surviving in cold regions.
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