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How do I ace the 11th class Maharashtra boards?


Points to remeber 

  • make a study plan
  • time management
  • optimize syllabus 
  • (PYQ) Previous Years question Papers
  • Recommended stuffs  

Make a study plan 

make your study plan , i think there should be 6-8 subject any stream (science , Arts , Commerce) don't left any suject as a part of acing the exams .

Lets discuss  with a example, if you love maths{your best subject}  then left it for time when you feel bored . when study something in any book complete atleast 1 topic  as a target .

take breaks in between , you can gamify your study   , gamification can help you to study better , simple overview{ deciding some reward on completing some topic etc } .

after complete study revision is must.

Time management

"If you didn't care about time, time would never give you a chance to take care of what you need."

Try to study for 7 or 8 hours daily. Make a chart for your routine and make the most of your study time.

optimize syllabus 

optimizing syllabus means here , analyse all subjects , chapters , how difficult or easy chapters are for you.

then try to create a best timetable possible i will reccommend a youtube video to at last of topic ,{video is not mine but good}

Start with easier chapters and gradually proceed to topics that you find more difficult. With basics brushed up, you will find that even the most difficult topics will melt down to simpler easier concepts. 

(PYQ) Previous years question papers 

The only way to success is Practice, Practice and Practice. Understanding and Reading the concepts is not enough to get you a high score in Exams. You should try to solve previous 10 years examination papers. Solving such papers can prepare you for the final exam.

You can simply this paper on google .

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