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(e) Which are the major water divides of India giving examples.
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A mountain or an upland which separates two drainage basins is known as a Water Divide. The major Water Divides of India are :
Satpuda ranges: The Satpudas separate the Narmada drainage basin and the Tapi drainage basin.
Vindhya ranges: It divides the drainage basin of the River Ganga and the River Narmada.
Western Ghats: The Western Ghats acts as a water divide and separates the west flowing rivers like Zuari, Mandvi, Vaitama draining into the Arabian Sea, from the east flowing rivers like the Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri draining into the Bay of Bengal.
Aravali ranges : The Aravali ranges separate the west flowing river Luni from the east flowing river Banas

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